Books by Santhi

Kundalini Yogam Bodha Sampoornamaya Jeevanam

Kundalini Yogam Bodha Sampoornamaya Jeevanam, written by renowned Yogacharya C.P. Santhiprasad, is the rarest book of this kind. The author profoundly explores the secrets of the great science, Kundalini Yogam, and unveils and explains its mystery. The book depicts the feature, nature, and activities of the Chakras. This book is one of the must-read books for a spiritual seeker. The book is available with Mathrubhoomi Books.

Soul Whispers - Collection of Poems and Lyrics

Inner bubbling of a soul expresses its loneliness, desperation, uncertainty, hopes, hopelessness, compassion, love and serenity in this series of poems “The Soul Whispers”.
These sincere words stir the mind and the heart, at the same time throws light on freedom and fulfillment.
Santhi’s words come from the depth of his soul and shower spiritual wisdom. It is so simple to read. The style is unique in its brevity

Song of a Mythical Bird

The poems in this book are ecstatic representations of the many ways to integrate and dissolve into love – through our relationship with nature, person, family, our self and ultimately God. The poems are filled with a rich tapestry of language that is so indicative of an enlightened master. Santhi has harnessed the English language and can say so much with so little.
What moved me most in these pages is that the man who is looked up to by so many as one who strives to reach the ultimate goal – that of enlightenment – has the courage to be vulnerable. So great is his desire to put forth the words that come to him that he must write them down in a language that is not his native tongue! In doing so, he continues to be the Guru, showing me and all choose to read his poetry, that in the end is our practice of living that leads to love.

Yogi Padmanabha Bhagavathar - A Biography

A Biography of a Yogi who was a contemporary of Thycaud Ayya Swamikal, Parama Bhataraka Shri Vidyadhiraja Chattampi Swamikal, and Sree Narayana Guru, born in the year 1879 at Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram.
“Some existing and withdrawing by virtue of their innocence and love; by transcending their dreams and fantasies, beliefs and concepts reach the pure state of intelligence; and cross beyond to the ultimate source, the Silence, from where everything comes into being. Some do not dare to cross the illusions created by the mind. They want to be in the realm of the mind as it is something that they are familiar with. The realm of the unknown is not known to the mind. Before one crosses the known to the unknown the mind will be extremely potent and it could do whatever it wants to make the individual feel that it is the ultimate state. At this stage when things start to manifest one may be fascinated and will unknowingly resort to a different path of action of amassing wealth, power and followers. Some will get into the struggle for generating fame and lose the innate humility, humbleness and the possibility of ultimate integration and waste the rare chance of being here on this planet to know the mind fully and cross it to establish oneness with the source that is within”.